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October Encouragements: Seven Hermetic Principles
Come join us Sundays and two Wednesdays this month for talks in a series, Seven Hermetic Principles. Wherever these came from and however long they’ve really been around, you will be intrigued by their depth, and their application to effective living today. Example: the meeting of a need exists on the same scale as the need, as just another version of it. Take this awareness into your prayer work and see what happens. Suggested reading this month is The Kybalion, available here.


SUNDAYS in OCTOBER ... 9:30 & 11:00am
(except OCTOBER 17 – 11:00am only)
OCTOBER 7 Three Planes and
Four Dimensions, All In You
OCTOBER 14 Reversing the Tide:
Working from the Known to the Unknown
OCTOBER 21 Countless Causes Behind Every Event
OCTOBER 28 Spiritual Homecoming:
The Union of Opposites

with musical guest Tanner Swain
OCTOBER 3 Gains, Losses, and Ultimate Balance
with music by Bill Birch
OCTOBER 10 Motion, Rest, and the Upward Spiral
with music by Jim Gibson
OCTOBER 17 Film: As A Man Thinketh
hosted by Rev. Arthur Johnson
OCTOBER 24 Celebrating the Practitioner's Craft
with CLC practitioners
OCTOBER 31 The Veil is Thin Between
meditation with Rev. Marsha Lehman

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