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"Prayer has power, not through repetition, but by belief and acceptance. Prayer is to be simple, direct and receiving. We are to believe that God indwells our own life, that this Divine Presence is sufficient for all needs. We are to believe that God will provide for and bless us abundantly."
                                 . . . Ernest Holmes

We accept this truth for you and
we will pray with you in accepting this truth.

Affirmative Prayer Request:

If you would like to receive an affirmative prayer for a condition you are currently experiencing in your life, you may submit your prayer request by using the Affirmative Prayer Request form. Prayer requests are personally actioned by one of our licensed practitioners during our Wednesday evening Prayer Circle or Sunday's "Power of Ten" sessions and receive loving, compassionate attention.

If your request is more urgent, or you feel more comfortable speaking personally with a practitioner, please request an appointment on the Affirmative Prayer Request form. If you would prefer a specific Practitioner to handle your prayer request or meet with you personally, either select their name on the Affirmative Prayer Request form, or you can send a request to them directly if a "contact" link is available beneath the Practitioner's name.

Please know we are here for you and you are never alone.

What exactly is a "Religious Science practitioner"?
Literally, a practitioner is anybody who practices something: a doctor or nurse is a medical practitioner, a therapist is a mental health practitioner, and so forth. Our Religious Science practitioners are trained in the art and science of spiritual support using affirmative prayer, and are committed to serving your needs. Each has spent literally hundreds of hours in training to direct their natural compassion into helping you through listening, caring, and using spiritual mind treatment - affirmative prayer - to reveal the truth of you that is greater than any apparant limitation. Each is licensed by the United Church of Religious Science, and engages in ongoing study and spiritual development.

So practitioners pray for people?
Practitioners treat themselves to know that the good their clients desire is ever-available and moved into form through treatment. The type of prayer we teach is also called "scientific prayer," as it proposes the universality of God, and therefore no separation between a person and God. We don't pray to move God into action, but to bring our thinking and feeling nature into alignment with the idea that infinite good surrounds us, in the form of love, harmony, peace, wellness, abundance, and whatever else we can imagine.

Much of this aligning comes from a person deciding what he or she really prefers to have happen in terms of life experience. In this, the practitioner assists through stimulating conversation and possibility thinking. Once a clear sight is set on a goal, treatment is then done.

How do I know if I need a practitioner?
In one respect, no one needs a practitioner, because each of us is gifted with the ability to pray affirmatively, with results following. Practitioners are a useful spiritual support system for any times when you feel it would be good to get outside your own head for a while and allow another, trusted person to speak the word around a clear idea of your good. Times like these can include when you're under stress, have a big decision to make, feel fear, are grieving a loss, or are just overwhelmed for the moment by your life. Another useful time, often neglected, is when everything is going just great. Practitioners are happy to treat about continued good in your life, too!

How do I get access to a practitioner?
There are many ways to get access to a practitioner at Creative Life. You can work one-on-one by appointment on a fee basis, by leaving a prayer request in the Great Hall vestbule box or in the Practitioner's Loft, by attending any Sunday "Power of Ten" session or Thursday evening Prayer Circle, by submitting an online prayer request, or by spending a few minutes with one of them in the Great Hall immeadiately following the 9am or 11am Sunday celebrations.

Personal information & prayer requests are kept sacred and confidential. See our Privacy Policy.

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